1. Plural of grain.
  2. An iron fish spear with a number of points half-barbed inwardly.
    1770: Served 5 lb of fish per man which was caught by striking with grains — journal of Stephen Forwood (gunner on H.M. Bark Endeavour), 4 May 1770, quoted by Parkin (page 195).

6 letters in word "grains": A G I N R S.

Anagrams of grains:

Words found within grains:

ag agin agrin ags ai ain ains air airn airns airs ais an ani anis ar aris ars as gain gains gair gairs gan gar garni gars gas gi gin gins girn girns gis gnar gnars grain gran grans grin grins gris in ins is na nag nags naris nas nis rag ragi ragis rags rai rain rains rais ran rang rani ranis ras ria rias rig rigs rin ring rings rins sag sai sain sair san sang sar sari sarin si sign sin sing sir snag snar snig sri

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